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by DAIVA t&ch

Dining Chair Vega Set of 2, Walnut/Sand

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  • Room type: Kitchen, Dining Room
  • Form factor: Upholstered
  • Frame material: natural solid wood - Baltic birch
  • Back material: natural birch veneer

Product description

Set of 2 Mid-Century Design dining room chairs: handsome dining side chairs: ergonomic solid gently curved back with birch veneer.

  • Elegant chair frame crafted from natural solid wood - Baltic birch.
  • Full dimensions are 20 x 18.5 x 31 inch.
Assembly required:
Easy-to-follow instructions and hardware included True Scandinavian contemporary in real birch wood! Thanks to the anatomical shape of the back of the chair, the seating position is extremely comfortable. Straight chair legs provide stability on any surface, while the felt pads keep your floor safe from damage.
The natural texture of birch of the chair is emphasized by a tinted frame correctly selected in color, which gives the wood a noble shade. The noble and natural shades of the wood will allow you to fit Vega chair into any interior. Vega chair is a decoration for your home and your kitchen.
Since the products from DAIVA casa are made of 100% wood, there may be a slight difference in the shade of individual elements of the products, which is due to the natural characteristics of the tree. Each tree has its characteristics - density (hardness), hygroscopicity (absorbency), natural tone (depends on the growing medium and nutrient base), and texture (depends on the individual growth of tree fibers and annual rings). The combination of all these parameters forms the appearance of each element of the product.

Eco-friendly and nice.

Only the warmth and aesthetics
of natural wood!

Real Scandinavian functionality

Only effective practical solutions for your home


Crafted with care